An Easy Way to Window-Shop for Nearby Homes


Ever driven through a new neighborhood and wondered what it would be like to live there? Ever been curious what properties are going for downtown? Or though about how much homes are selling for down the street?


There’s an app for that!  


You can check out what other houses are selling for close to your home or in any other area by downloading my new app! Within the app, you can save a search of your neighborhood or your dream area of town so you can keep up with the market in those areas.


The map feature gives you the option of dropping a pin or drawing a perimeter to look at homes close to a certain area while also viewing the schools and other points of interest nearby.


Find a home that interests you? Save notes and even photos within the app so you can access them anytime across devices and share them with friends, family, and myself!



My app also allows you to apply for our Keller Mortgage in just a few simple steps! Our unique mortgage company can save you thousands! Keller Mortgage is known for their Zero Origination Fee, Zero Lender Fee, PLUS $1000 CLOSING CREDIT, and LOW RATE!


For more information on how you can save thousands on your new home, call/text/email!


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