Even if you are not mentally prepared for Winter, make sure your home is! Here are 15 important tasks to be sure to complete to make sure your humble abode is ready for the cold!

  1. Ensure your heating system is ready – get your furnace serviced and cleaned!
  2. Check your fireplace and chimney – if you use your fireplace, make sure to have it cleaned by a chimney sweep. Don’t forget to have your chimney checked for debris as well!
  3. Prevent frozen pipes! – Especially if you are leaving your home for an extended time this winter, make sure your home is well insulated and to keep the heat above 55 degrees F to avoid pipes freezing and busting. Be sure to disconnect your garden hose from the faucet.
  4. Check your Sump Pump – test your sump pump by pouring a few gallons of water into the pit to make sure the pump turns on.
  5. Check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors batteries!
  6. Survival Kit – as power outages are no stranger to the winter storms, be sure you are prepared. Keep stocked up on bottled water, non-parishable food, flashlights, first-aid supplies, a battery powered phone charger, and tons of batteries!
  7. Protect your Entryways – snowy, wet boots are no friend to your carpet or hardwood floors. Be sure to keep door mats at each entry way and have a place to dry your boots in a messy-free way.
  8. Air Leaks – not only will this help insulate your home, but it will also help cut down on the heating costs this winter. Check all doors and windows for air leaks and repair any leaks with caulking or weatherstripping.
  9. Check the Roof – check your roof for any loose or missing shingles before winter hits. This will help you avoid any leaks from the melting snow.
  10. Inspect insulation – check your crawl space/basement and attic to ensure you have adequate insulation. This will help keep your heating system from overworking in the winter.
  11. Reverse Ceiling Fans – did you know your heating fans work both ways? Reverse your fans direction to run clockwise. This is help push heat down.
  12. Protect the Air Conditioner – The condensing unit is built for outdoors, but can still sustain injuries from fallen icicles or debris. Be sure to keep the top of the unit covered by plywood or other hard material during the winter.
  13. Flush your hot water tank – this will remove sediment.
  14. Trim tree limbs – any dead tree limbs can become very dangerous in the winter months. These can fall and damage your home during a storm.
  15. Clear gutters – Icicles can be avoidable by ensuring your gutters are clear of debris. Allowing the snow to melt and drain properly is important in protecting your home’s foundation as well.


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